Jim Daly & Tom Hughes, owners of the Queen's Inn in the early1900's, preparing a guest's team for a stay in the livery stables which were at the rear of the Inn at the time


The Queen’s Inn has been owned and operated by the Mitchell family since 1970

1982 brought the first round of renovations to the Inn with the opening of Coppers Pub. A local artisan carpenter, Olé Johannsen used the finest woods available throughout Coppers and the lobby. Renovations continued throughout the 80’s to accommodate the addition of ensuite baths to each guest room.

The Inn Today

The next major renovation took place in the winter of 2008 with special care taken to preserve the historic flavour and integrity of the Inn. Stone walls and a hidden internal archway were among the surprises uncovered during the renovations. The 17 newly refurbished guest rooms now offer all of the modern amenities for comfort and convenience.